You Are Perfect!

You are already perfect. No doubt about it.
Take a few moments to appreciate the cool-ness of you.

This month, let’s abandon obsessing over what other people think. Let’s clean house. Let’s nourish ourselves.

At a recent dinner with friends, I listened to intelligent, accomplished people moan and groan about how much skinnier they wanted to be. How they wanted to quit their lame job. How their boss/ partner/ child doesn’t appreciate them. How judged they felt. How empty. How much more they wanted. I found myself chiming in to the pity party.

We all want to feel loved. Appreciated. Respected.
And it starts with learning to love, appreciate, and respect yourself. Of course, this is easier said than done.

Start with something concrete like your nutrition. Instead of depriving yourself of calories or food groups, figure out what you need to nourish your body to get through all the things you do in a day. Chart your day. Look at all of those amazing things you hope to accomplish. Now, make a list of what you need to fuel your body so you can perform all the tasks effectively. What do you need to nourish your body? Veggies, complex carbs, lean protein = fuel that makes your body feel great. I guarantee that you won’t be writing down big macs or candy bars.

Focus on nourishment. Then, if you are reaching for the non-nourishing chocolate chip cookies, understand that there is an emotional or psychological component to that desire. You are bored/ sad/ stressed. Figure out what you need to nourish yourself emotionally or mentally. Some things take time to change, so you may need to eat the chocolate. But put yourself on the path to feeling mentally and emotionally well-fueled. Make a list of all the things that make you feel good. Then, “feed” yourself well. Be emotionally fat and happy.

Realize your perfection.



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